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    Raven Education Works was established by William Purves in 2007 with two objectives:
    • To help young people envision and move towards a future of their choice
    • To engender future & solution-oriented thinking and planning with individuals and institutions
    Individual attention, clear goal-setting, and motivation are critical to my work. I bring:
    • 30 Years Teaching Experience
    • 28 Years of Curriculum Design, Educational Evaluation, & Non-Profit Consulting
    • 35 years of Working with Writers
    • 28 Years of Gaming & Simulation Design

    I serve hundreds of individuals per year; I keep my services accessible and provide full services for no charge to approximately 20% of my clients, both individuals and non-profits. I also lead classes and workshops as a volunteer. This is done through my office in Ann Arbor, Michigan and through other organizations. Accessibility is enhanced in terms of distance through video conferencing and phone consultations.

    Selected Workshops, Classes, and Activities with Students

    • Coaching students in preparation for standardized tests (ACT, SAT, & AP tests)
    • Running in-school fiction writing workshops for middle school students
    • Tutoring students in writing, reading, science, and mathematics
    • Coaching College essay development and submissions
    • Working with young adults to clarify plans, options, and opportunities for their future
    • Giving large group author talks and writing workshops
    • Facilitating literature-based game design and writing workshops
    • Mentoring Ann Arbor Public School Community Resource courses, as a volunteer, including: Gap Year Planning; The Literature, Myths, and Traditions Behind the Harry Potter series; Analysis and Design of Fictional Worlds; Short Story Writing; Ancient Epic Poetry; Current Events Writing and Analysis; and Crafting Historical Fiction.

    Selected Workshops, Classes, and Activities with Organizations & Adults

    • Designing games and simulations for elementary and high school classrooms
    • Consulting with non-profits on strategic planning, values and mission development, and data-driven decision making
    • Working with adults on business English, reports, papers, business planning, life-work balance, memoirs, and goal setting
    • Giving large group author talks and writing workshops
    • Facilitating game design and writing workshops

    Selected Experience

    • Executive Director, Allen Creek Preschool, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Head of School, Summers-Knoll School, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Assistant Head of School, Emerson School, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Adjunct Faculty, School of Education, University of Michigan
    • Owner, Coyote Games, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Faculty, Fountain Valley School, Colorado Springs, CO
    • Challenge Program Facilitator, University of Michigan