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    Community Resource Class Monitoring

    Dungeon & Dragons Adventuring

    Raven Education Works was established by William Purves in 2007 with two objectives:
    • To help young people envision and move towards a future of their choice
    • To engender future & solution-oriented thinking and planning
    Individual attention, clear goal-setting, and motivation are critical to my work. I bring:
    • 33 Years Teaching Experience
    • 31 Years of Curriculum Design, Educational Evaluation, & Non-Profit Consulting
    • 38 years of Working with Writers
    • 35 Years of Gaming & Simulation Design
    • 45 Years of Role-Playing Games

    I serve hundreds of individuals per year; I keep my services accessible and provide full services for no charge to approximately 20% of my clients, both individuals and non-profits. I also lead classes and workshops as a volunteer. This is done through my office in Ann Arbor, Michigan and through other organizations. Accessibility is enhanced through video conferencing and phone consultations.

    Selected Workshops, Classes, and Activities

    • Running in-school fiction writing workshops
    • Working with young adults to clarify plans, options, and opportunities for their future
    • Presenting large group author talks
    • Facilitating literature-based game design workshops
    • Mentoring Ann Arbor Public School Community Resource courses, as a volunteer, including: Gap Year Planning; The Literature, Myths, and Traditions Behind the Harry Potter series; Analysis and Design of Fictional Worlds; Short Story Writing; Ancient Epic Poetry; Current Events Writing and Analysis; English 10, and Crafting Historical Fiction
    • Designing games and simulations
    • Consulting with non-profits on strategic planning, values and mission development, and data-driven decision making
    • Giving large group author talks and writing workshops
    • Facilitating game design and writing workshops

    Selected Experience

    • Director of Planning, Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Executive Director, Allen Creek Preschool, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Head of School, Summers-Knoll School, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Assistant Head of School, Emerson School, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Adjunct Faculty, School of Education, University of Michigan
    • Owner, Coyote Games, Ann Arbor, MI
    • Faculty, Fountain Valley School, Colorado Springs, CO
    • Challenge Program Facilitator, University of Michigan

    A Note About My Vision

    I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa in 2000. This degenerative eye condition impacts my vision to the point of being legally blind. For me, this disability means that I cannot focus on small items or text at a distance, that objects may appear blurry, and that I use a cane for navigation. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to ask!