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    College Essay Coaching and Consultation

    Facilitating the College Application Process

    Planning for a Successful 'Gap' Year and Beyond

    College Test Preparation  I work with you on two things: test strategies and content knowledge.  For many students, focusing on solid test strategies is a good way to learn how to apply the knowledge you already have and improve scores.  For others, longer term, targeted work on specific skills is appropriate.  Both strategy and skill building raise scores. For students with accommodations, I work with you (and other learning specialists as needed) to develop individualized strategies and approaches.

    College Essays  I listen to your ideas, discuss your experiences, and examine your writing style to help you craft essays that tell your story the way it deserves to be told.  I review your topics and drafts, check samples of your writing, and work with you from the first sentences through submission.

    College and Scholarship Applications  I help organize and streamline the college application process, work with you to consider options and possibilities, including living up to your potential on essays and tests, and can help with the financial aid process.  I work with you and your college counselor to find schools that match your interests and goals.

    Gap Year Planning  For some students, taking a year between High School and college can reap countless benefits. The time can be a productive one, and clients plan years that combine volunteering, internships, paid work, part-time classes, travel, educational programs, and non-profit and business experiences in a wide variety of ways that foster their passions and build life experience. I work with students from initial conception and financial planning to final applications and itineraries.


    A Note on Test Score Achievements

    Clients working on test preparation consistently raise their scores. The number of sessions ranges from 6 to 12+ and most students achieve higher scores on subsequent tests. Working with an experienced guide on crafting a strategy, building knowledge, or a combination almost always has a positive impact. (The rate of score improvement varies. Overall, students see a gain about 93% of the time, however, consistency of sessions, starting score/percentile rank, effort, and circumstances on the testing date all play a role in the outcome).